How to deal with an Alcoholic

How to deal with an Alcoholic

Here’s some of the fundamentals with dealing with an alcoholic. One their actions there’re  doing is selfish and is not representation of them.  It represents  the disease of an alcoholic. The disease has a grip on their mentality so the actions  are completely selfish and have no regard for family or friends as long as they can get their alcohol.

#2 Stay away from them when they’re drinking there’s no point in arguing when they’re drinking and still under the disease to reason with them. Because all they care about is getting drunk  and your feelings that you have toward there drinking or their actions  has no relevance because the disease or the alcohol is more important than family or friends.

#3  it is very difficult to get help for an alcoholic unless they want it and see how it’s affecting them. Many people will try with an intervention which is good but sometimes they are so stubborn that they will leave and not get help they’re needed until they hit rock bottom. Just like an athletes choose to be good or to feel better the person must want to change,  you can leave them to a certain extent for them to see the light of change but it’s ultimately up to their decision to want to change. Everyday can be a struggle for them to figure this out and even at that point some will never get the help they need even at rock bottom. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just love them and know that they are sick and suffering inside and that you still care for them but do not enable their behavior whatsoever. Click Here for more info.

One of the first things you can do is to change your self you’ve been around this so much you might not even know that you might be in the neighborhood you are stuck in a rut. Take up reading exercise and start living your own life you will see this year she will see this and will be wondering what’s going on. Again you can’t bring people to Jesus that you can only learn to an example and hopefully they will want to change as you are too. The one thing that will start doing is putting your falls out as much as it falls out with drinking they feel as a double standard and that drinking is an addiction just like maybe food isn’t addiction to you or somebody else. The big thing is is it being destructive to you and your family and causing problems they’re becoming harder and harder to men so be patient and start with yourself first and work your way out words to other people.

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