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How to deal with an Alcoholic

How to deal with an Alcoholic

Here’s some of the fundamentals with dealing with an alcoholic. One their actions there’re  doing is selfish and is not representation of them.  It represents  the disease of an alcoholic. The disease has a grip on their mentality so the actions  are completely selfish and have no regard for family or friends as long as they can get their alcohol.

#2 Stay away from them when they’re drinking there’s no point in arguing when they’re drinking and still under the disease to reason with them. Because all they care about is getting drunk  and your feelings that you have toward there drinking or their actions  has no relevance because the disease or the alcohol is more important than family or friends.

#3  it is very difficult to get help for an alcoholic unless they want it and see how it’s affecting them. Many people will try with an intervention which is good but sometimes they are so stubborn that they will leave and not get help they’re needed until they hit rock bottom. Just like an athletes choose to be good or to feel better the person must want to change,  you can leave them to a certain extent for them to see the light of change but it’s ultimately up to their decision to want to change. Everyday can be a struggle for them to figure this out and even at that point some will never get the help they need even at rock bottom. Sometimes the best thing you can do is just love them and know that they are sick and suffering inside and that you still care for them but do not enable their behavior whatsoever. Click Here for more info.

One of the first things you can do is to change your self you’ve been around this so much you might not even know that you might be in the neighborhood you are stuck in a rut. Take up reading exercise and start living your own life you will see this year she will see this and will be wondering what’s going on. Again you can’t bring people to Jesus that you can only learn to an example and hopefully they will want to change as you are too. The one thing that will start doing is putting your falls out as much as it falls out with drinking they feel as a double standard and that drinking is an addiction just like maybe food isn’t addiction to you or somebody else. The big thing is is it being destructive to you and your family and causing problems they’re becoming harder and harder to men so be patient and start with yourself first and work your way out words to other people.

What about the KIDS

What about the KIDS

Great question.    Sometimes family members will focus so much on getting the individual better that they forget the toll the process has on the Kids.  It is a tough thing to follow and the kids are scared and confused.   The scared and confused come from same root and that is simply the “NOT KNOWING” part of the process and what will happen.  During the process there’s a lot of moving parts and really no stability.  Sometime the primary care taker is the one that needs the help and at the same time taking care of the kids the best they can.  And when that is taken away that leaves the kids with an incredible sense of vulnerability.

The best thing you can do for the kids is give them a stable environment and keep things as normal as possible.  Know there will be some bumps in the road, but as long as you are patient with them they will be more understanding and more receptive to talk if they need.

Your Story …Our Story

Your Story …Our Story

Are you questioning some of the thoughts? Are you asking yourself if what you are thinking is Normal?  Or maybe you have trouble getting out of bed.  Things like this can be signs of depression or anienxty.  There is many other systoms that maybe you don’t know that is normal.  There is many things that can be causing this.  Do not live like this and see a professional.

We have train Pychotherpasit on staff trained to help.  No person deserves to live like this so don’t waste another day wondering if this is how life is.

Or are you having trouble with substance abuse.  Are you addicted to Heroin, alcohol, weed, cocaine or any other hard substances that could b ruining your life.  Do you feel when your bored the only thing you want to do is pick up a drink or do some form of drugs.  We also have trained counselor in this field.  Substance is a family and life destroyer.  Get ahead of this before it is too late and your family takes off or you injure youself or an innocent bystander.  Substance abuse treatment takes patience and support.  And we here at ___________ will provide that with many other outlets you can turn to.

We have different levels of treatment in the field.

It can be the 1 week get clean and move on or we have our 8 weeks stay.  We will work with all family members and your Docter to make sure you are taken care of. We do have doctors on staff 24/7

There is no one size that fits all.  Many family dynamics are different and each present their own challenges.  For the best chances of recovery it is best that family members be there through parts of the process.  It takes a lot of support and will power to escape these disiease.

With your Psyco therapy it is not unusual that many of the mental disorders came from extended use of Drugs and has an effect our long term mental health.   That is why it is extremely important to schedule if you think something is wrong with yourself or a family member.

By waiting you the person can now start to self medicate with certain street drugs from cocaine, crack, heroine, weed and other types of controlled substances.

Having a Therapist is nothing to be ashamed about.  Infact most the weathly and successful will have a therapist and just talk release some of their problems.  90% of the time I’m asking questions that will allow them to problem solve themselves.  They just have to do it a couple of time to get in the habit to do it.